SAS Platform Administration


SAS ADMIN ONLINE TRAINING Course Description:        

SAS Enterprise BI is a comprehensive, easy-to-use business intelligence software solution that integrates the power of SAS Analytics and SAS Data Management to provide insights that power better decisions. It includes role-based, self-service interfaces for all types of users within a well-defined IT governance framework and a centralized point of administration. This helps organizations simplify and speed business intelligence deployment. A platform  administrator  directs or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful sas bi environment



 Introduction to the SAS Intelligence Architecture

  1. Components of the SAS Intelligence Platform
  2. Purpose of each tier in the SAS Intelligence Platform

Overview of the Platform Architecture

  1. Server tier
  2. Data tier
  3. Web tier
  4. Client tier

Using SAS Management Console

  1.  Metadata Manager Plug-In
  2.  Server Manager Plug-In
  3.  BI Manager Plug-In

Accessing Data

  1. Connecting to SAS data
  2. Connecting to RDBMS data
  3. Using the Metadata LIBNAME engine
  4. Pre-assigning libraries


  1. Initial authentication
  2. Identification
  3. Additional authentication


  1. Authorization decision process
  2. Securing business intelligence

Reviewing the Platform for SAS Business Analytics

  1. Exploring the platform for SAS
  2. Business Analytics overview
  3. Exploring the client tier, middle tier, server tier, and data tier

Administering the SAS Environment

  1. Overview of administration tasks

Determining the State of the SAS Environment

  1. Checking the state of SAS servers
  2. Exploring the metadata server and repositories
  3. Troubleshooting the metadata server

Monitoring, Logging, and Troubleshooting SAS Servers

  1. Identifying different types of SAS servers
  2. Monitoring SAS servers and spawners
  3. Logging SAS servers and spawners
  4. Troubleshooting SAS servers

Backing Up the SAS Environment

  1. Backing up metadata with the Backup Wizard
  2. Exploring OMABAKUP
  3. Scheduling backups
  4. Backing up physical files

Administering Client Applications

  1. Exploring connection profiles
  2. Using roles to control access to application
  3. Functionality
  4. Exploring SAS folders

Administering Users

  1. Defining regular users and groups
  2. Defining administrative users
  3. Giving users access to servers

Administering Data Access

  1. Registering libraries and
  2. Tables in the metadata
  3. Updating table metadata
  4. Pre-assigning libraries
  5. Troubleshooting data access

Securing Metadata

  1. Introduction to metadata security
  2. Exploring metadata permissions
  3. Exploring predefined ACTs
  4. Securing content in the folder tree
  5. Securing content outside the folder tree
  6. Creating additional ACTs

Moving Metadata

  1. Replicating an entire repository
  2.  Promoting selected content

Updating the SAS Environment

  1. Applying hot fixes to the SAS environment


Nothing is needed but SAS BI knowledge would be added advantage.


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Career Path:

SAS Platform Administrators is a leading and demanding skill-sets in IT as well highly paid jobs since the role need to be handling the backbone of organization’s vital data management at large scale.




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