Dataflux dfPowerStudio

Dataflux DFPowerStudio Course Content

Introduction to DataFlux and DataFlux Methodology 

  • view the cycle of the DataFlux Methodology
  • discuss course flow and overall objectives

Dataflux dfPower Studio Overview 

  • overview of installation and architecture of DataFlux products
  • investigate dfPower Studio interface
  • establish ODBC data source connections
  • establish a management resources area

DataFlux Methodology: Analyze Phase 

  • what is metadata/data profiling?
  • metadata profiling with dfPower Explorer
  • data profiling with dfPower Profile

Introduction to dfPower Architect 

  • what is dfPower Architect?
  • working with dfPower Architect

DataFlux Methodology: Improve Phase – Quality 

  • overview of quality techniques
  • create and apply standardization schemes to standardize data
  • apply standardization definitions to standardize data
  • work with parsing
  • discover the differences between right fielding and identification analysis techniques

DataFlux Methodology: Improve Phase – Integration 

  • overview of integration techniques
  • work with match codes
  • create a match report
  • work with various techniques for duplicate elimination

DataFlux Methodology: Improve Phase – Enrichment 

  • overview of enrichment techniques
  • discuss some features of address verification
  • discuss address lookup and validation techniques

DataFlux Methodology: Control Phase 

  • overview of control phase
  • configure alerts and view trend analysis
  • discuss business rule monitoring
  • create and implement a row-based rule
  • create and implement a set-based rule

Doing More with dfPower Studio 

  • work with additional dfPower Architect nodes
  • create and work with a dfPower Architect job template
  • create a multi-input and multi-output dfPower Architect job
  • define batch schedules (self-study)
  • work with macro variables (self-study)
  • create and apply a custom metric (self-study)


Introduction to QKB Customization 

  • introduction
  • understand the structure of the QKB
  • investigate the component editors

Parse Definitions 
Match Definitions 
Standardization Definitions 
Other Definitions 

  • case definitions
  • gender analysis definitions
  • identification definitions
  • pattern analysis definitions

Create a New Data Type 


Dataflux DFPowerStudio Online training duration : 20hrs